R.W. Murphy has been enthralled by the challenges, weaknesses, generosity, definition of self, and incessantly humorous antics of the human species his entire adult life. This book, Chains of the Cosmic Wanderer: A Matter of Significance is a fictional novel based on his own experience in terms of how the above things impacted his life. 

Chains of the Cosmic Wanderer

A Matter of Significance

Available in both Kindle eBook and paperback versions on Amazon.com. Author provides a treat for those he terms his "reader/listeners." It is comprised of dozens of stories ranging from self-deprecating humor to the most profound subjects. Print version is 470 6x9 pages. eBook has exact same text but less pages. eBook also has interactive table of contents and multiple platform compatibility. Read it on the big screen at lunch in the office and pick it up on your Kindle reader, laptop or tablet in bed that night.

The author structures his book around the concept of a seanchai, the ancient Irish teller of tales. He leads the reader as if all the tales were told in a single sitting over a few pints. He concludes with an epilogue and several big lies for which he warns us at the very outset.

Contributors and early readers have expressed great enthusiasm for the work due to its subtle, wry, self-deprecating humor and its many end of chapter life lesson wrap-ups. The book is at times taken from the strictly entertaining to the instructive without becoming pedantic.