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R.W. Murphy

Aworld traveler as a young U.S. Naval officer, and having one foot each in the Deep South and New England, Mr. Murphy terms himself a "redneck-Yankee." In the currently available book published by Aqua Clara Press, Chains of the Cosmic Wanderer: A Matter of Significance, he has woven together dozens of fictitious stories, both humoruous and profound, based on his personal experience. Having worked in both nuclear weapons and intelligence capacities, his stories related to those responsibilities are particularly engaging. The book is narrated from the perspective of an ancient Irish story teller to a reader/listener. He warns us that he will be prone to untruths during the telling of his own tales. Without becoming  pedantic, he at times is instructive and ends many chapters with a lessons learned wrap-up. He concludes the book with a personal definition of self-worth followed by a deliberately  misleading, and ultimtely  wryly humorous, epilogue. Upon finishing the book, most readers will have much to ponder. See our Books page on this site for a link to sample pages on